Here are some frequently asked questions concerning purchasing sod.

Is a sod lawn less work?

Yes, a professional sod lawn needs no special care because it is a healthy mature lawn when installed, whereas a sprigged or seeded lawn requires years of nurturing to reach maturity. Sod is grown under quality seed blends or certified hybrids sprigs. After it's been installed, just water, mow and fertilize your sod lawn as needed and it will remain a healthy, green carpet of grass, requiring very little maintenance. 


Where can I use sod?

Sod can be installed practically anywhere, even where seeding is impossible or too costly. Sod is often used to stop soil erosion and water pollution on slopes where rain would wash away both seeds and soil. Sod is available in a variety of grass blends to suit various needs such as climate, amount of usage, sun or shade conditions. 


Can do withstand heavy usage?

Certainly! Sod establishes itself quickly. In a couple of weeks, it's ready for full use. It creates the perfect surface for lawn games and family outdoor living. With today's various blends of hardy grasses, sod is chosen for parks, golf courses, athletic fields, as well as residential homes and business parks.


What is the size of a roll of sod?  

A roll measures 18" X 72"  which is equal to 9 square feet or 1 square yard.  


How do I measure how much sod I need?  

The easiest way to measure for how much you will need is to step off the area.  Most adults when walking take a stride of about 3 feet.  This means if you take 10 steps lengthwise, and 8 steps in width, the area is approximately 80 square yards.  Irregular shaped areas can usually be broken down into smaller shapes that can be easily measured.  It is a good idea to add about 5% to the final figure to assure you won't have to make an extra trip.  


What does a roll of sod weigh?  

Sod will usually weigh between 45 - 55 lbs. depending on the moisture level.


How much sod can I haul in my pick-up?  

A compact truck will only hold about 30 - 40 yards.  A 1/2 ton truck will hold about 60 - 75 yards, and a 1 ton can haul 160 yards if it has a flatbed.  If you do not have a way to haul the sod, we have several trucks and trailers as well as a forklift to unload them if need be.  

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